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    • → We are open every day from 7am to 6pm.
    • → We serve breakfast and lunch (a choice of seven main meals).
    • → We also offer soups, a wide selection of salad bar and fresh homemade desserts, which are prepared according to our recipes.
    • → All meals are made of quality and fresh ingredients. No blanks, like potato pulp in powder, do not expect us!
    • → We will organize a private or corporate event directly at your place of business or in your chosen area or directly in your company. What you order, we arrange it.
    • → If you are interested in importing large amounts of food into your work, school or office, there is no problem. Just contact us.
    • → We accept cash, paper and electronic vouchers and credit cards.

    We look forward to your visit and wish good taste !!
    Team Restaurant & Cafe BLOX

  • Lunch - this week

    From 11am to 3pm

      Menu for the week of 26.8. - 30.8.2019    
      Monday Alergeny  
    1 Potato-leek cream with croutons 9,1,7,3 25 Kč
    2 Wild pork shoulder with sauerkraut, potato dumplings 1,9,3 98 Kč
    3 Roasted chicken quarters on oranges and badian, jasmine rice 1,9 98 Kč
    4 Penne rigate with creamy spinach and parmesan 1,3,7 88 Kč
    5 Grilled Camembert with roasted onion, roasted potatoes, lettuce and cranberries 7 98 Kč
    6 Turkey breast sous-vide with herb couscous and tandori sauce with sour cream 7,9,1 108 Kč
    7 Roasted trout on herbs with chive potatoes 4,7 138 Kč
    1 Chicken broth with vegetables and tarhana 9,1 25 Kč
    2 Beef cooked with dill sauce, bread dumplings / boiled potatoes, eggs 1,9,3,7 98 Kč
    3 Natural chopped fillet, mashed potatoes and coleslaw 1,3,7 98 Kč
    4 Peas with Javořice sausage and pickles / fried egg 9,1,3 88 Kč
    5 Mixed vegetable salad with garlic dressing and smoked chicken leg 7 98 Kč
    6 Italian tomato risotto with roasted seafood 4,9,7 108 Kč
    7 Slow roasted pork knuckle with chilli onion, mustard, horseradish and bread 1,3,7 138 Kč
    1 Frankfurt soup 1,9 25 Kč
    2 Stewed rabbit leg in cream sauce, Carlsbad dumplings 1,9,3,710 98 Kč
    3 Pork slice with sour beans, mashed potatoes 1,9,7 98 Kč
    4 Baked pasta with smoked meat and pickles 1,3,7 88 Kč
    5 Quiche salty pie with spinach, parmesan and leaf salad 1,3,7 98 Kč
    6 Baked mahi mahi with curry vegetables, jasmine rice 9,6,4 108 Kč
    7 Grilled chicken steak with baked potatoes in foil with sour cream and vegetables 9,7 138 Kč
    1 Beef broth with vegetables and rice 9 25 Kč
    2 Beef slice on ginger, bread dumplings / jasmine rice 1,3,9 98 Kč
    3 Chicken sauté with onion, mushrooms, leek and jasmine rice 1,9,6,7 98 Kč
    4 Home - made potato gnocchi with tomato sauce and mozzarella 7,3,1 88 Kč
    5 Beetroot pancakes with oat flakes, marinated tofu and arugula 1,6,3 98 Kč
    6 Chopped pork burger in sesame bun with salad and roasted onion, French fries 11,1,3,7 108 Kč
    7 Salmon steak with herbs with vegetable ratatouill 9,4 138 Kč
    1 Borscht soup 9,1,7 25 Kč
    2 Chicken steak baked with mushrooms and cheese, mashed potatoes 1,9,7 98 Kč
    3 Stuffed pepper pod with tomato sauce, bread dumplings / jasmine rice 1,3,9 98 Kč
    4 Homemade specialty with sauerkraut and roasted bacon with onion 1,3 88 Kč
    5 Potato Fennel Salad with French Dressing and Poached Cod 4,1O 98 Kč
    6 Savoy chicken fillet with mashed potatoes and tartar sauce 1,3,7 108 Kč
    7 Roast pork in marjoram bread crumbs with light potato salad 1,3,7 138 Kč
      The weight of meat and fish raw 100g. Changing the menu reserved.    
      Meals number 7  are at 150 g    
      Allergens: 1.Obiloviny containing gluten; 2 Crustaceans and products thereof; 3 Eggs and products thereof; 4 Fish and products thereof; 5 Peanuts and products thereof; 6 Soybeans and products thereof; 7 Milk and dairy products; 8 Nuts and articles thereof; 9 Celery and products thereof; 10 Mustard and products thereof; 11 Sesame seeds and products thereof; 12 Sulphur dioxide and sulphites in concentrations higher as 10 mg / kg; Bluebonnets 13 / lupine / or articles thereof; 14 Clams and articles thereof    

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  • Lunch - next week

    Lunch offer for next week.

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  • Cafe / Breakfast

    From 7.30am to 10.30am

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  • Desserts & beverages

    List of our beverages and desserts

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  • Sandwiches


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  • Offers

    Our special offers

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  • Clients

    List of our clients

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    Contact us

    Restaurant & Cafe BLOX

    Evropská 2758/11
    160 00 Praha 6

    E-mail: jidelna@blox-restaurant.cz
    Facebook: BLOX

    How to get there?
    Subway, tram and bus to the station Dejvická.


    Gastro Šubrt s. r. o.
    Ondříčkova 1270/25
    130 00 Praha 3 

    IN: 04877101

    Radek Šubrt

    Phone: +420 602 179 783
    E-mail: r.subrt@post.cz